Living with chronic illness

A long term illness of our own or of those who are close to us can be a trauma in itself. As it may involve huge losses, the acceptance of the new situation is often the most important factor in the remission. However it is not just getting along with it, it is much more complex then that. It requires our reaction and behaviour to be routed into a direction where this can happen over time. However very often the partner or family are not able to react with this patient attitude because they are somewhat affected themselves and have  subconscious fears of their own. This often results in trying to rush or to minimize things.  The advices and „solutions” we get at this point  invalidates our feelings and ironically makes our family a further burden to bear in the situation. Is this situation familiar to you? If yes, you and your family could hugely benefit from a specific form of family therapy (with or without the other members) adjusted to your situation.