Dealing with trauma and loss

Thou we think to our society as to a secure place in general, life can create situations when within seconds we find ourselves in unwanted events that are capable of changing our lives significantly. After experiencing a traumatic event, we might feel that our world has stopped and we are stuck in a situation that has no solution. Seeing that everyone else is going on with their lives feels as a true disappointment and it only amplifies our pain. Just to name a few situations that can traumatize us: the loss of a loved one, a frightening diagnosis, divorce or being dropped in a relationship, accidents, abuse and the list goes on. Thou we might think that we lost so much that we will never be normal again, the human reaction to trauma is pretty similar and there are many ways we can get real support, the first being processing the trauma in a constructive way. This opens up a totally new perspective we do not see when we are buried deep into our reaction to the traumatic event.